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Dearborn Contracting Company in pursuit of AISC Certification

Recent news – April 30, 2019:

American Institute of Steel Construction - Founded 1921

Dearborn Contracting Company in pursuit

Dearborn Contracting Company has been diligently working towards AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) certification. This certification is the most widely recognized national quality certification in the industry. It is the standard in the industry for Structural Steel erection. The multi-step certification process stresses the need to focus on continuous improvement, with heavy emphasis on error prevention in the planning phase rather than in the execution phase.

The process of certification is a thorough process. The rigorous initial evaluation, which includes five phases of risk and opportunity planning are:

  • Internal Administrative review
  • Internal Audit
  • Process Validation
  • AISC application and Documentation audit
  • AISC On-site audit

Among other things, the initial evaluation requires a written safety plan and evidence of safety training for all new hires. The initial certification can take up to six (6) months to be completed.

The AISC certification program will set a quality standard for Structural Steel erection activities. AISC Standard principles go hand in hand with ISO quality management system principles, hence it was essential to give our business the opportunity to examine and enhance existing DCC Quality Management systems from a Structural Steel erection stand point.

The certification program will help us to increase our productivity, reduce unnecessary costs, and ensure quality products and services. The program will allow us to demonstrate competency and commitment to maintain quality in the Structural Steel erection industry.

The certification program will help us identify strategic resources available to meet customer expectations, clearly defined by organizational goals and to eliminate non value added steps and processes.

Staff who have been key in the certification process include Jeff Brinker, Sharath Mekala, Tony Lord, Mark Muzzin, and Mark Duxter. We expect to finalize the certification process by the second quarter of 2019. We look forward to providing this additional evidence of quality and workmanship to our clients.