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DCC – Dearborn Contracting Company  .  .  .  .  .   Dearborn Contracting Company’s President, Jeff Brinker, assumes new role as President of Dearborn Mid-West Company

Pictured above: Jeff Brinker, President - Dearborn Mid-West Company

DCC’s Jeff Brinker Assumes New Role as DMW President

Long-time leader of Dearborn Contracting Company, Jeff Brinker, assumed a new role as President of Dearborn Mid-West Company effective January 6, 2020.  Jeff has served the DMW family for over a decade in varying roles, the majority of which has been leading DCC.  Jeff is charged with the responsibility to oversee and manage all aspects of the DMW organization.  This will include all operational activities and the development and implementation of all go-forward strategic business plans.

Jeff joined DMW in July of 2009 with responsibility for leadership and management of a newly-formed Tooling Installation Group at DMW.  Within a few years, the division expanded beyond the scope of the automotive industry to include civil construction work.  Jeff continued to lead this Group and was promoted to Director in September of 2011, Vice President in November of 2012 and President of Dearborn Contracting Company in March of 2017.

Jeff’s pre-DMW experience includes nearly ten years of direct, floor-level, plant experience managing Tooling Installations and Construction projects at a major automotive manufacturer here in Metropolitan Detroit.

Jeff earned a B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering in 1990 and an M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering in 2004.  Additionally, he has completed a substantial amount of doctorate-level coursework in Engineering and Manufacturing Systems.  Jeff maintains a State of Michigan Professional Engineer (PE) license as well as a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute.

With more than 20 years of experience focused in automotive manufacturing and construction, Jeff has the technical expertise, leadership abilities, and management skills necessary to successfully move DMW forward into 2020 and beyond with a focus on customer relationships and customer service.

We are pleased and proud that our DCC President will be leading the overall organization.  We look forward to harmony, teamwork, and an extreme focus on serving customers as part of the “New DMW”, led by Jeff Brinker, President.

DCC – Dearborn Contracting Company  .  .  .  .  .    Teaming with Alberici to handle Paint Shop work at FCA - Warren Truck Assembly Plant

Pictured above: Morning in Warren – FCA-Warren Truck Assembly Plant, Paint Shop construction

Alberici and Dearborn Contracting Company at FCA – WTAP

Dearborn Contracting Company recently completed contract work for Alberici at FCA’s Warren Truck Assembly Plant.  The work occurred in the old Paint Shop which is undergoing substantial renovation and upgrades.


Our work with Alberici involved numerous concrete in-fills at the Penthouse level and included (5) large openings and (18) smaller openings.  The work was completed during shut-down with extremely short deadlines.


The work activity included demolition, new decking, re-bar, and concrete placement.  Concrete materials were pumped from below and placed with buggies and manpower.  Our field staff included Iron Workers, Laborers, and Cement Finishers.  With the hard work of our field superintendents and tradesman – the customer’s schedule was met and FCA moved to the next phase of their construction activity.


Project Management duties were handled by Luay Nseir and field operations were managed by Tony Lord.  We are very pleased to have served both Alberici and FCA. 

DCC – Dearborn Contracting Company  .  .  .  .  .    Valiant International and Dearborn Contracting Company - teaming up to help FCA continue its growth in the Motor City


Pictured above: FCA promotional image – The New, Three Row, Jeep Grand Cherokee

Valiant International and Dearborn Contracting Company at FCA - D2/JNAP

Dearborn Contracting Company recently secured a contract with Valiant International for work at FCA’s new D2 Plant and the existing Jefferson North Assembly Plant (JNAP) in Detroit, Michigan.  The new D2 (Detroit 2) plant is the site of the former Mack Engine Plant that served FCA for many years.  The work is part of FCA’s $1.6 Billion investment in the Mack 1 / Mack 2 / Jefferson North Assembly Plant upgrades and improvements.  DCC’s portion of work involves the installation of the Door and Fender lines at D2 and JNAP. 

In addition to this new work with Valiant, DCC recently completed work at the new Mack Avenue complex, known as D2 or Detroit 2, with Brix Corporation.  And furthermore, both Dearborn Contracting Company and Dearborn Mid-West Company have a presence at Jefferson North Assembly Plant and have had so for years – providing new conveyors, conveyer maintenance services and construction related improvements.

Our work with Valiant will support FCA’s new 3-row, Jeep Grand Cherokee at D2 and at JNAP, the work will support the new Jeep Cherokee as well as continued production of the Dodge Durango.

Work activities relate to the installation of numerous production cells to handle a variety of robots including – welding robots, material handling robots, and robotic transfer units.  Our work will include the necessary labor and sub-contracting activity to install the robot cells and associated mechanical and electrical work.

Specific work will include 6 primary, robotic cells at D2 to build the Left/Right Fender, Left/Right Rear, Outer Doors, and the Left/Right Front, Outer Doors.  Work at JNAP includes 4 primary, robotic cells to build the Front and Rear Left/Right Inner Doors.  The work overall is referred to as the Door and Fender line. 

The project is scheduled to begin first at D2 and then move into JNAP, eventually working on both projects simultaneously.  The planned start date for the project is the first quarter of 2020, with a planned completion, for both projects, to occur late in that same quarter.

Dearborn Contracting Company will contribute highly skilled tradesmen and management staff to serve both Valiant and FCA.  Project Management duties are being handled by Gary Manning and the field superintendent leading this work will be Ryan Langnes.  We are very pleased to be part of this substantial FCA investment and critical project for the Metropolitan Detroit region.

DCC – Dearborn Contracting Company  .  .  .  .  .    
Dearborn Contracting Company – Adding staff to improve service to our clients

Pictured above: Luay Nseir, the newest member of the DCC team

Player Profile – Luay Nseir, Project Manager

With over 10 years of experience in the design and construction industry, Luay Nseir is one of Dearborn Contracting Companies’ newest employees.


Luay’s project experience includes general contracting and self-perform work for industrial, automotive, and hospitality projects. Luay is highly motivated and a results-driven professional. He is skilled in managing project schedules, project safety, and project budgets.


Luay joined DCC in June of 2019 and is a key player in the role of Project Manager on major projects for DCC. He adds both fresh perspectives and high quality experience to our organization. 

Luay has held the roles of estimator, Project Engineer, and Project Manager for several top organizations here in metropolitan Detroit.  His broad experience includes work in the hospitality industry and automotive market – including major project experience at General Motors, Ford, and Toyota.

Luay has managed all aspects of major construction projects at:



At DCC, Luay has been/is responsible for four key projects:



Luay holds a B.A. in Architectural Engineering and a Master’s degree in Construction Engineering Management from Lawrence Technological University in Southfield.  Luay resides in Plymouth and has family in Windsor, Ontario.