Ford Dearborn Truck Plant

Body Shop: Revised and installed new Closure Line Tooling

• Removed existing tooling
• Installed new Robots
• Installed new Fender Four Post Automation
• Installed new Hood Automation Cell
• Installed new Door Hinge Tooling fixtures
• Installed new tools (electric and pneumatic nut-runners, and tool rail)

Final Assembly: Revised and replaced North & South Marriage Fixtures
• Removed existing North & South Body Halo Marriage Fixtures
• Installed new North & South Halo Body Marriage Fixtures
• Installed new floor tooling (nut-runners & locating pins)

Ford Flat Rock Assembly Plant

Final Assembly

• Resurfaced several existing platforms

Ford Kansas City Truck Plant

Body Shop: Installed New Tooling

• Installed new Hinge Tooling in temporary location
• Relocated existing Hinge Tooling
• Installed new Door Install Tooling
• Installed new Hood & Fender Automation Line
• Installed new tools (electric and pneumatic nut-runners and tool rail)
• Installed new tools (electric and pneumatic nut-runners, and tool rail)
• Removed existing on line Door Tooling
• Relocated new Hinge Tooling to permanent location
• Installed new floor tooling (nut-runners & locating pins)

Ford Ohio Truck Plant

Body Shop: Revise layout for new tooling

• Replaced truck ramps
• Filled-in existing pits
• Installed new concrete pits

Ford Kentucky Truck Plant

Body & Paint shops: Revised layout for new tooling and processes

• Removed and replaced slab on grade, 6 locations
• Installed new pits and trenches in 14 locations
• Reinforcement of existing interior building column footings, 8 locations

Ford Sterling Heights Axle

Grillage Steel for roof top air handling units

• Detailed and supplied shop drawing for grillage steel platforms
• Coordinated material order, shipments, galvanizing, and subcontractors
• Inspection of all fabricated steel and installation
• Provided crane action plans, layout, and safety coordination
• Supervised grillage steel and air handling unit crane lift

Ford Kentucky Truck

Stamping plant: Installation of (2) 50 ton cranes consisting of:

• (2) end trucks per crane
• (2) 90 ft. girders (25 ton each)
• Trolley
• All electrical requirements

General Motors Hamtramck

Final Assembly: Buzz, Squeak and Rattle Test Machine

• Removed all existing equipment including ceiling and lighting
• Removed existing hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical runs.
• Revised, replaced all structural steel
• Removed and replaced all steel flooring
• Painted entire room per GM requirements
• Installed new BSR machine foundations mounts
• Installed new BSR machine
• Installed new ceiling, lighting and safety equipment
• Completed all electrical requirements for room and machine.


Building Addition

• Installed foundations
• Formed concrete sill walls
• Installed structural steel
• Concrete site paving
• Installed 20,000 sqft. slab on grade with colored shake and steel fibers for reinforcemen

DTE Monroe Pet Coke:

Installed foundation and flatwork for a new conveyor building
• Installed foundation and the structural concrete wall that was 20 feet high by 90 feet long 2 feet wide

Orleans Landing Development - Detroit

• Installed all foundations and flatwork for 20 building

Oakland University

Police addition:

• Foundation and Flatwork.

Argonne National Lab:

Energy Lab building:

• Fabricated and installed structural steel